Doggy Day Spa: “From Apprehension to Amazement!”

I must admit, when I first started my journey with emmi®-pet I did have my doubts. Having worked in scientific research for a number of years, I wanted to be sure I was offering my customers something based on evidence, something that I had faith in and could back 100%. I mean, what’s the point in offering a product you can’t yourself confidently rave about?

So I embarked on my emmi®-pet journey, starting with completing the course and becoming qualified. Learning how it works and what to do with it was just a small proportion of what I needed to know! There was also basic dog dentition to learn, types of teeth problems I might encounter, when to refer a dog to the vet, the list goes on! Even after completing my training and being happy with the general process, I was still a bit skeptical. Could a toothbrush really get such good results so quickly? Did it really work just using the ultrasonic waves? And possibly my most burning question – was is actually painless?

And not too long into my first few customers (including my own dog), I got my answers! Yes, it really does get results quickly. For some dogs it took a couple of sessions to notice a big difference, but every dog I have used emmi®-pet on has had plaque noticeably breaking up after the first session! And yes, it really does only use ultrasonic waves. They are silent, you can’t feel them, and if it weren’t for the little green light and the shiny white teeth at the end you wouldn’t know it’s on! And most importantly, yes it is actually painless (believe me, wanting to be sure it wouldn’t hurt I tested it out on myself first!).

Did you know foul ‘dog breath’ is not normal!

Fishy or foul breath is actually a sign of an underlying dental issue.

Aside from the obvious visual benefits of booking your dog in for emmi®-pet sessions, there are also some positives that are invisible. As well as reducing the overall amount of bacteria in the mouth, the waves from the brush head also increase the blood flow around the gums. This improves the blood circulation and promotes faster healing of any sore or inflamed gums. Removing extra bacteria in the mouth will also freshen your dogs breath and prevent future plaque and tartar build-up!

It is important to remember, emmi®-pet won’t always be recommended as it isn’t suitable for every dog:

  • Some dogs will not accept having their mouth looked in or having a brush on their teeth. If your dog is stressed or aggressive about having this done then emmi®-pet is not for them.
  • Your dog will be rejected for emmi®-pet if their teeth are too badly damaged or neglected. It would not be safe for them to have heavy tartar build-up removed only to find an exposed tooth root underneath, or worse! Not to mention this would be incredibly painful for them!

If your dog is found to have severe dental issues or suspicious looking teeth, they will be recommended for a vet check. If they get the all clear they can come back and continue with their emmi®-pet journey to prevent any more nasty teeth problems in the future!