Grooming with Chrissie has found teeth cleaning to be a very lucrative add on

Grooming with Chrissie provides a mobile / home dog grooming service for the Chepstow, Caldicot and Magor areas.

Chrissie already had a successful grooming business but wanted to explore new services she could implement to increase the profitability of her business. She came to Ultra Clean Canines via recommendation on a Facebook group.

She attended one of our live seminars, and really benefitted form the specialised knowledge of Emma and Ade, since they have specific knowledge of implementing this service in customer’s homes. This is a different type of service than grooming in a salon, so Emma and Ade were able to answer her questions and give her extra support for her particular sector of the industry.

Chrissie bought all of the supplies she needed to implement this new teeth cleaning service into her business, and it has been the perfect add on to increase her regular business. She not only runs the teeth cleaning service in client’s homes but her grooming clients also want this added onto the grooming sessions, so she has found it to be a very lucrative offering, and her clients love it.

Take a look at some of the results she has achieved for her furry customers below.