Thank you for purchasing the emmi®-pet pre-recorded training seminar

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Thank you for purchasing the emmi®-pet pre-recorded training seminar.

I’m sure you’re keen to get started, so here are the next steps to access your course.

  1. Visit the link here to access the course on the website, or find it in the main navigation menu on the website. Hover over “Pet Professionals” and find “Access the Seminar” under “Pre-recorded Seminar”.
  2. If you’ve just purchased the course you will likely already be logged in, but should you log out anytime and need to log back in later on, you can log back in here.
  3. Your username is and you will have been sent a separate email to set your password for your account. You can reset your password here if you haven’t set your password already.
  4. You have 180 days to access the course, and you’re free to revisit any of the information and support resources you like during that time.
  5. Your certificate will be issued once you have completed the course in full you will see a link on the course page of the website to view and download it to your device or PC so that you can print off to display at your premises.

If you have any questions they will likely be answered in the FAQs on the Pet Professionals page here, but if you have any further issues with accessing the course, feel free to contact our website support team at

Happy learning!

Emma Cartlich
Course Creator & Director – Ultra Clean Canines
UK Official emmi®-pet Distributor