Riber Pets trained their staff to use emmi®-pet and expanded their business

Riber Pets was created by Zoe and Georgie in 2022, and run a small independent boutique in Matlock, Derbyshire.

They offer a large range of products including health food, treat, toys and accessories and now have expanded into offering a teeth cleaning service.

They attended a live seminar and bought the starter kits, leaflets, record cards, pull up banners and all their supplies form Ultra Clean and they have found that business is booming.

The women are incredibly proactive and have also had their staff attend the seminars and are implementing all of the advice they were given on marketing the service.

They decided to run an open day when they first launched the service. Customers could bring their pets for an assessment, where they saw whether they needed a cleaning treatment, prevention and maintenance or they needed referring to a vet. They have had huge success as a result of their clever marketing, and implementing the tools and advice from the seminars, and have discovered how lucrative adding the emmi®-pet cleaning service has been in their business.

They are now taking on a second premises, and we wish them the best of luck with their growing business.