Pawsh Dogs Grooming Salon Trains their Staff to Implement emmi®-pet

Pawsh Dogs Grooming Salon is a full service grooming salon who were looking to add another service to support their client’s furry friends.

They had 4 members of staff join the live Zoom training course, and all got their certification. The training gave them the knowledge and confidence to start offering the emmi®-pet teeth cleaning service straight away. They purchased their starter kits and marketing materials form Ultraclean Canines and have been successfully implementing the service in their salon.

Their business is booming, and they are getting huge success from the teeth cleaning service and are regularly buying large quantities of the toothbrush heads, pastes and orozyme® gel. They have also been very successful in they social media marketing strategy, using the advice given during the training seminar.

Business is on the up for Pawsh Dogs Grooming Salon!

Do you think that the emmi®-pet teeth cleaning service could be something you could offer as part of your business? Click here to view our training seminars, and book onto a live session or purchase the online training course.