Pooch Perfect finds niche in the market providing cleaning for nervous dogs

Pooch Perfect is run by Alexandra, a professional dog groomer working in a salon as well as providing mobile grooming in customer’s homes.

Alexandra had a successful grooming business already, but decided to try out emmi®-pet oral care treatments as an add-on service to her customers. She found that her business has filled a gap in the market-providing teeth cleaning to nervous dogs in their own homes. It has become a niche market for Alexandra, and she has discovered a very profitable side to her business after attending the Ultra Clean Canines seminar, and purchasing the starter kit.

She has found that customers were delighted that she can accommodate their nervy furry friends in a calming atmosphere, and using the emmi®-pet toothbrush which is a calming and stress-free procedure. She is delighted to be keeping her customers happy and healthy and making a nice bit of profit as a result!